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Commercial Iron Filtration & RO

KH Water Specialists can help commercial and industrial businesses determine which commercial grade reverse osmosis and iron filtration products are best based on current water quality and needs. We have a number of Hellenbrand products we usually recommend. Here are the primary RO and Iron Filtration products we currently sell.

Hellenbrand Iron Curtain Filtration System

The patented Iron Curtain Filtration Systems are designed to remove both ferrous and ferric iron without the use of chemicals such as potassium permanganate, chlorine or salt, resulting in much lower operating costs and problems associated with hazardous chemicals. Operation of the Iron Curtain is simple. Mineral rich water is forced through a pressurized aeration system which converts dissolved ferrous iron (Fe++) into physical particles as ferric iron (Fe+++). These tiny particles then circulate in the aeration system long enough to grow to a size that allows them to be easily removed by the Iron Curtain Filter.

Standard Filter Systems are available from 10″ – 72″ diameter vessels, from single to multiple tank designs with a wide range of controls.

Iron Curtain features:

Lower cost, chemical free operation with no potassium permanganate, salt or chlorine.

By filtering out iron and sulfurs, you will extend the life and efficiency of your processing and heat exchange systems.

Multi-tank systems provide higher flow rates than the competition.

Requires no air injectors, venturis or micronizers which eliminates both excessive pressure drops and service problems.

A wide range of system designs are available to meet both your service flow and backwash rate requirements – single, twin, triplex and quad systems available with 1.25″, 1.5″, 2″ and 3″ smart controllers.

HRO 3.5 Reverse Osmosis System

The Hellenbrand HRO 3.5 Reverse Osmosis System is made for light commercial applications and features a compact wall mount space-saving design (or multiple stand options are available). It is engineered for capacities of 200 and 300 gallons per day and features a single pump for enhanced performance.

HRO 3.5 features:

Reduces harmful impurities like nitrates, lead, arsenic, radium and total dissolved solids.

5 micron sediment pre-filter, 10 micron carbon block pre-filter and post-filter, and Pentek® 10” filter housings.

Pre-assembled for easy installation.

HF4 extra low energy membrane with fiberglass housing.

HRO 4 Reverse Osmosis System

The Hellenbrand HRO 4 Reverse Osmosis System was designed to treat municipal or brackish water supply and remove dissolved solids. It is a state-of-the-art system with high recovery rates and minimum energy consumption while allowing for versatility of feed water quality and temperature.

HRO 4 features:

Reduces harmful impurities like nitrates, lead, arsenic, radium and total dissolved solids.

Flow rates ranging from 500 to 8,000 gallons per day.

4.5” x 20” pre–filter housing with 5 micron sediment filter.

C–21 or C–23 controller with feed flush to reliably operate the system.

Multi-stage stainless steel centrifugal pump with thermal overload protection on the motor.

Extra low energy membrane with fiberglass housing.

HRO 6 Reverse Osmosis System

Looking for a premiere commercial RO system fully customizable to any project? If so, the Hellenbrand HRO 6 Reverse Osmosis System may be the solution. It is designed for superior performance, high recovery rates and minimal energy consumption. The HRO 6 comes fully equipped, customized and expandable with low maintenance and operational costs.

HRO 6 features:

Systems rated from 1,500 gpd to 10,000 gpd @ 77 Degree F.

Fully equipped, customized and expandable – also easily integrated into other systems.

Pre-treatment lockout, TDS monitoring, and low pressure alarm.

5 micron sediment filter and concentrate recycle flow meter.

Feed water solenoid valve/manual override and low pressure switch.

HF4 extra low energy membrane with fiberglass housing (300 psi).

X1 Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Axeon’s X1-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems provide cost-effective industrial RO water treatment solutions. They are designed for tap water and well water applications in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, microelectronics, power, chemicals, and agriculture.

X-1 models range from 20 to 125 gallons a minute (30,000 to 180,000 gallons per day). It has a smart, clean utilitarian industrial design that allows for easy installation and operation, along with efficient maintenance.

X1 features:

S-150 or S-200 pre-programmed computer controller with VFD option on some models.

More pure water production with 8 inch ultra low energy elements with 440 SF membrane.

Fiberglass membrane housings with stainless steel side ports.

5 micron sediment filters and multi-cartridge stainless steel filter cartridge housing.

Pre- and post- filter pressure gauges, and pump pressure and concentrate pressure gauges.

Feed and permeate TDS.

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