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Hellenbrand ProMate 7.0

The ProMate 7.0 twin alternating water softener system is ideal for larger families or homes with extremely hard water. It significantly reduces monthly costs for salt, water and energy while continuously supplying soft water day and night. We have serviced and sold Hellenbrand water softeners like this model for many years because they are reliable and efficient.

You can truly use less salt and water with the ProMate 7.0 water softener system because is uses 100% of the resin capacity rather than holding a required reserve like on single tank systems.

ProMate 7.0 Features:

Premium 10% resin that extends the life of the system.

Corrosion resistant for a longer life along with an insulated tank jacket to help prevent sweating.

Save 15-20 gallons of water on every regeneration. Plus regenerations are on demand based upon your water usage.

Back-lit digital display and user-friendly electronics automatically monitor water-treatment function and alerts.

Eliminates chlorine and benefits your health.

Studies show up to a 17% savings on sale and water usage over a single tank on demand system.

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